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ML5000 Series Biological

Meiji ML5000 Series Biological Microscopes

Check out Meiji's MT Series, the newer model for the ML Series.
ML5000 equivalent = MT4000/5000: Click Here

The high quality and dependability of the ML Series with the added advantage of an ergonomic reversed quintuple nosepiece for mounting extra objectives. An optional 50W illuminator is also available in this series. The ML5000 series encompasses 12 standard configurations listed below.


Available with standard binocular heads or trinocular heads for photomicrography, 30° inclined eyetubes with adjustable diopter settings and interpupillary distance, 360° rotatable.

Paired DIN HWF10x with 18mm field of view.

Smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted, reverse-angle, quintuple nosepiece.

SM Planachromats, Planachromats, and Phase Contrast.

Flat-top stage: 171mm x 140mm surface with 80mm (X) by 52mm (Y) movement, graduated with vernier readings to 0.1 mm, detachable specimen guide, drop-down right of left-handed controls.

Standard models have either an Achromatic NA 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm and filter tray for brightfield work, simple NA 1.25 slider phase condenser, or an NA 1.25 Zernike phase condenser with filter tray and independently centerable annuli for phase contrast. Cardioid-type NA 1.25 darkfield condenser for high power (100x objective only) darkfield work is optional.

Variable-intensity Koehler illumination for apertures up to 1.25. Available in 6V 30W (built-in) or 12V 50W (attached lamp house) models.


ML5000 Ordering Information
Model Head Eyepieces Objectives Mech. Stages Condensers Illumination
ML5000 Binocular HWF10X
FN 18
SM Semi Plan Brightfield
4X, 10X, S40X, S100X oil
Flat-top Achromatic
NA 1.25 with
Blue Filter
6V 30W
ML5100 Trinocular
ML5050 Binocular BF Semi Plan Brightfield
4X, 10X, S40X, S100X oil
ML5150 Trinocular
ML5200 Binocular Planachromat Brightfield
4X, 10X, S40X, S100X oil
ML5300 Trinocular
ML5400 Binocular Koehler
12V 50W
ML5500 Trinocular
ML5870* Binocular BF Semi Plan Phase Contrast
10X, S20X, S40X, S100X oil
Zernike Type,
NA 1.25 with Green
Interference Filter
12V 50W
ML5970* Trinocular
*Centering telescope is included in Phase Contrast Models.

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