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Stereo Microscopes by Meiji Techno

Unlike compound microscopes that give a 2-dimensional flat image, stereo microscopes give the viewer an "erect" (upright and un-reversed) stereoscopic (3-dimensional) image. This is particularly useful for biologists performing dissections, technicians repairing circuit boards, paleontologists cleaning and examining fossils or anyone who needs to work on small objects. From Archeologists to Zoologists, from engravers to machinists, every well-equipped laboratory, shop or R&D facility uses Meiji stereo microscopes in an infinite number of ways.

Choose from 2 types of Sterero Microscopes
Standard Model Research Model
 EM Series Stereo Microscopes
 come in three types to fit your budget
 and application: fixed magnification,
 turret-type and zoom
RZ Series CMO Stereo Microscopes
use two parallel optical paths sharing
one common large objective, the
Common Main Objective design
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