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Polarizing Filter / Plate

Polarization Accessories for EM Series Microscopes

Meiji Techno EM series stereo microscopes and stands with transmitted light like our PBH or PKL stands can be retro-fitted with the following polarizing accessories. The MA667 polarizing plate replaces the glass stage plate on any of Meiji Techno's transmitted light stands. The MA550 analyzer attaches to the EM stereo body below the objectives. When used in combination, these two components form a simple polarizing system useful for detecting and viewing birefringent materials such as minerals, inorganic crystals, bone specimens, and strained glass.


146.png   140.png   141.png
MA550   MA667   MA668


Part Number Description
MA550 Polarizing filter in rotating mount for all EMZ zoom stereo bodies except EMZ-12.
MA550/05 Polarizing filter in rotating mount for EMT-1, EMTR-1, EMT-2, EMTR-2, EMF-1, and EMF-2 stereo bodies.
MA550/10 Polarizing filter in rotating mount for EMT-3, EMTR-3, EMT-4, and EMTR-4 stereo bodies.
MA550/12 Polarizing filter in rotating mount for EMZ-12, EMZ-12TR and EMZ-12TRD.
MA667 Fixed polarizing plate for use with PKL, PB, PBH, PBM, AB, ABH, ABZH, and ABE transmitted light stands.
Recommended for use with the MA550, MA550/05 and MA550/10. Fits 94.5mm diameter opening.
MA668 Fixed first order red plate for use with (on top of) MA667 polarizing plate.
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