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Task Lighting

Specialty Optical offers the best in laboratory lighting. We carry O.C. gooseneck desk lamps, and the best in lab task lighting. O.C. White has been producing task light fixtures since the 1950s. From drafting tables, to industrial benches and offices, their fixtures are the highest quality you can find, from any manufacturer. Their Longline drafting light was a permanent fixture in any reputable drafting department through the 1950s onward.

O.C. White's Combination light was truly ahead of its time. It is the first lamp to employ the combination of an incandescent bulb, and a fluorescent tube. The result, when both turned on, could be compared to today’s ‘full spectrum’ lighting. The even, white light was warm like the noon sun, and perfect for deciphering colors correctly in art studios, and over the desks of anyone involved with the visual arts.

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