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Magnilite Magnifiers - The Magnilite series has been the industry standard since the 1960s. The Magnilite brand encompasses new LED models, Vision-Lite, Big Eye, Standard Magnilite and Halo Magnilite. They all have unique attributes, but have a common theme… the highest quality you can buy anywhere, for any price.

Vision-Lite is the largest rectangular magnifier on the market. Available in 1.75 or 2x, these ESD safe magnifiers also feature patented fluorescent dimming technology, and superb depth of field.

Standard Magnilite model has a 5”, optical quality lens, and spun metal low profile shade. With the same rugged design as its more expensive counterparts, this lamp is at home anywhere from the heaviest use applications, to health and beauty, and anywhere in between.

Big Eye is the largest round magnifier on the market. Featuring a new low profile aluminum shade, it is one of the sleekest magnifiers out there. New slim bulb technology allows for energy savings, while also increasing light output.

Halo Magnilite is unlike any other magnifier on the market. The plastic opaque shade allows for some light to be transmitted through it, resulting in drastically reduced contrast between the lens, and shade. This reduced contrast equals much greater operator eye comfort and improved productivity.

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