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Large Format Lenses

Navitar's Platinum, Raptar and Raptar Pro series of large format lenses meet the demands for high center to edge resolution, low distortion, and application specific F-numbers. These lenses are not modified video lenses; they have been designed to match performance abilities of high-end megapixel type cameras.

- Larger format design for line-scan and area scan cameras.
- Low distortion center to edge.
- Wide field design for close-up imaging.
- Large depth of field.
- Diffraction limited.
- Exceptional contrast.

1589.png   Platinum

Designed for the most demanding applications and for use with today's line scan and area scan cameras, our Platinum series of large format lenses provide high center to edge resolution, low distortion, and application specific F-numbers. With the Navitar Platinum series, you can count on getting remarkably better resolution and performance than standard camera lenses and enlarging lenses.

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1591.png   Raptar Pro

Navitar's newest large format lens, the 1X Raptar Pro, has been designed specifically for large area and line scan sensors. The lens offers improved MTF over the Raptar lens series, strong relative illumination and zero distortion over a 90 mm field of view.

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1592.png   Zeiss

Zeiss ZF lenses offer the image quality associated with professional photography for technical and industrial applications. ZF lenses are compatible with the Nikon F-Bayonet, the globally recognized standard for high-resolution industrial cameras with large format image sensors.

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1593.png   Kowa

These large format F-mount lenses are optimized for machine vision, inspection, quality control, etc. Their rugged, compact design makes them ideal for demanding applications. Low distortion allows them to be used for close distance inspection and correspond to 4K line scan cameras.

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