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MagniStar Bi-Telecentric


1722.png   Navitar's new line of MagniStar high resolution bi-telecentric lenses offer the ideal optical solution for imaging and measurement applications where extreme accuracy is required.

Magnifications range from 0.05X to 2X.

Features include:
- bi-telecentric
- adjustable built-in iris
- excellent MTF performance
- less than 0.1% image distortion
- no parallax error
- c-mount and f-mount models

Part Number Description Link
  1-23723    0.051X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 172.5 mm FOV Product Link
  1-23522    0.128X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 68.8 mm FOV Product Link
  1-23591    0.243X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 36.2 mm FOV Product Link
  1-23524    0.528X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 16.7 mm FOV Product Link
  1-24162    1.0X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 8.8 mm FOV Product Link
  1-24056    2.0X Bi-Telecentric Lens, 2/3" Format, 4.4 mm FOV Product Link
  1-23866    Mounting clamp for 0.051X (1-23723) Product Link
  1-23782    Mounting clamp for 0.128X (1-23522) Product Link
  1-23783    Mounting clamp for 0.243X (1-23591) Product Link
  1-23781    Mounting clamp for 0.528X (1-23524) Product Link
  1-24218    Mounting clamp for 1.0X (1-24162) Product Link
  1-24219    Mounting clamp for 2.0X (1-24056) Product Link
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