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Microscopes, Replacement Bulbs & Lab Supplies

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You know you are a scientist when you get excited to look at lab supplies! Welcome to Specialty Optical! We understand your passions and the fun you can get out of buying supplies that other people might not get a thrill from. Depending on the type of lab you are doing the ordering for, you may have very different needs. Whatever your laboratory needs, Specialty Optical can meet them. From a major scientific laboratory apparatus such as the Meiji TC5600 Trinocular Inverted Epi-Fluorescent Biological Microscope to boxes of latex gloves, Specialty Optical is the place to shop for your lab supplies. In this week’s article, we’ll highlight some of the products we are proud to carry.


We carry some of the finest microscopes available. Meiji has been a leader in microscope engineering and manufacturing since they began making them in 1964. Meiji microscopes are used in educational settings as well as industrial and laboratories in many fields. Their applications are very diverse, from industrial and medical to protein crystallography and paleontology. We carry scopes for many purposes as for many levels of expertise, from educational microscopes like Meiji EM-22 Binocular Turret Stereo Microscope with 10X, 20X, and 30X the for beginners, to the TC6000 series for biological uses.

Meiji microscopes are engineered using an ancient Japanese philosophy about oneness. Just as a horse and its rider become one when practicing a skill, so too should the scientist and their tools, including a Meiji microscope. This has lead the engineers to focus on the ergonomics of our scopes so that they are comfortable and easy to use.

Microscope Parts and Replacement Bulbs

Our line of microscope parts and accessories is second to none. We carry light boxes, light guides, LED illuminators, replacement sockets, and accessories that work with Meiji microscopes. Every scientist knows that you can only record your results if you can see them. We have both LED and fiber optic illuminators and light guides to make sure that you can get the light just where you need it and even the holders to make sure your light guide stays where you put it. There are many reasons to need a camera that attaches to your microscope, and whatever your reason is, we have a camera that can meet your needs. From the Dino-Lite Eyepiece Mount Camera to the Meiji DK5000C 5.0MP CMOS Video Camera, all uses and budgets can find a microscope camera need can be met at Specialty Optical.

You never want to be in the middle of an experiment and have your light bulb go out. It’s best to have extras so order a few when you find the one that you need. We have a wide range of replacement light bulbs for microscopes. We carry incandescent and halogen bulbs, fluorescent rings, short arc xenon bulbs, and even Xenon endoscopic bulbs. We are the go-to online store for specialty bulbs for scientific and educational laboratories.

General Lab Supplies

We carry more than microscopes! There is no need to shop elsewhere for your general lab supplies. We have cleaning supplies, safety supplies, Sony paper, and a whole host of ESD products to protect your work from electrostatic discharge. From disposable lab coats to the RT-1000 Megohmmeter Resistivity Tester Kit and from pre-moistened cleaning swabs to work surface mats, we can help you stock your supply closet! 

Cleanroom and Laboratory Protection

There is nothing more frustrating to a scientist than having weeks or months worth of work or an entire batch of sensitive semiconductor products ruined because someone was careless. To make sure that all the members of your team do their part in protecting the work or products, it is important to make sure that [...]

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Meiji Microscopes from Specialty Optical

When you are shopping for laboratory supplies, there is no better place to shop than Specialty Optical. We carry the supplies you need and the brands you prefer. In this week’s blog, we’ll feature some of the essential lab equipment you may be looking for. Many fields rely on microscopes for everyday work and long-term [...]

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How to Parfocal your Stereo Zoom Microscope

Parfocalling is a procedure by which a microscope is adjusted to remain in focus throughout the magnification range. If the microscope is not parfocalled, an object in clear focus at one magnification will quickly go out of focus as you zoom to a higher or lower magnification, requiring you to zoom and focus at the [...]

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Procedure to Install a Reticle in MA502 & MA520 Eyepieces

First, make sure the area is clean and dust free. Then, remove the eyepiece from the eyetube.Flip the eyepiece upside down and locate the mounting ring that will be removed. The ring may appear a different color of metal as shown in the photo.On the ring, there will be two notches that are opposite each other.You will need a [...]

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The New has arrived!

The New has arrived!

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